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A little bit about us

Here at My Happy Place wool shop, we understand that feeling you get when you walk into a wool shop and instantly get excited when you see all those lovely colours staring back at you. It’s a place that you feel at home and those creative juices begin to flow. 

As long as I can remember I have had a love for all things textile. Not surprising as I come from a long line of textile workers -my grandparents and parents were spinners, weavers, burler and menders.  Growing up I remember the mills where I would visit family at work (long before health and safety was a thing)  I loved the smells and sounds of the machines, and loved watching the wool spinning and the people mending the rolls of material. Their skillful  hands stopping at the slightest mistake, ready to repair. 

My grandma and mum were also very skilled in knitting and crochet, and were both perfectionists when it came to choosing wool, as they knew quality by the feel. They would take me along to wool shops as a little girl and my love of these things began to grow. They taught me their skills and I am now creating my own crochet items which I sell at Precious Thoughts crochet.

Over the years it has been my dream to have my own place to sell all of the wonderful items that go along with creating knit and crochet things. So my happy place wool shop was born. We stock a variety of yarns to meet everyones needs. We're always looking for new sources and will be constantly updating our items available, so keep checking back. We also have a blog on the page where we will be posting pattern links and different articles. 

So come and have a browse through the pages of My Happy Place and be mesmerised by the colours, let your creativity flow, and hopefully you can find what you need to begin your next project. Or maybe just add something to that ever growing yarn stash -( yes I understand that too. )

I hope you enjoy looking. if you have any questions just contact us.


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